When families are asked why they send their children to St. Jude many people respond with "welcoming community", "sense of family." "strong academics," "vibrant faith" and "Mary Hornsby." 

She knows each of the 464 students and their families personally and welcomes new families with open arms.

When Mary Conners was an eighth-grader at St. Jude School back in the mid-70s, she went to the main office at lunchtime every day.

There, she would answer phones at at the secretary’s desk to cover her lunch hour. Little did she know, at the time that this was the beginning of what was to be a lifelong ministry.

After marrying Rick Hornsby at St. Jude and working for a time at the IRS, Hornsby returned to her faith home. She initially returned as the church secretary for ten years before bringing her talents to the school.

For the last 15 years, Hornsby has served as the school secretary of St. Jude. She is, quite literally, a lifelong member of the parish community. Her parents were founding members of the parish and her father even helped build the school. Besides attending grade school at St. Jude, she sent her four children there and currently has a grandson in first grade at the school.

Students, teachers, and families will tell you that St. Jude is a special place. To a person, they would also tell you that it’s an even more special place because of Hornsby. She is always willing to go above and beyond her administrative duties. Besides being the gatekeeper for pretty much everything that comes in or goes out of the school, Hornsby wears many hats at St. Jude. She’ll help organize school events, comfort crying children who are having a rough day, and will even step in to clean up rainy day puddles.

Hornsby is a bright light at St. Jude. She encourages students to live up to their fullest potential and see the best in themselves. Hornsby is someone that kids and adults both learn from, through her personal commitment to excellence and her ability to make others realize their personal worth. She is a role model for what it means to be a kind and Christ-like woman of faith.

Every community, every school, every family, every teacher, and every child needs a  Hornsby. At St. Jude, they are blessed to have the one and only. Click here for full article. 

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