St. Jude School Participates in Fire Safety Week

Posted on October 20, 2019 in: General News

St. Jude School Participates in Fire Safety Week

Published to the Cincinnati Enquirer November 2, 2019

Fire Safety Week at St. Jude School

October was Fire Safety Month and the St. Jude First Graders were ready to learn about neighborhoods and communities. During fire safety week, they took a field trip to the Green Township Fire Station on Bridgetown road. The excitement of taking that trip across the street to visit and experience all that's involved in the job of a firefighter, was highly anticipated. 

During the visit, the firefighters took time to show St. Jude First Graders the fire truck, ambulance, and their residential areas. Additionally, they were able to sit inside the vehicles and try on the firefighting gear.  The firefighters also instructed the students with a fire safety talk. Part of the visit included them having to move safely out of the way while the trucks were called to service.

In conclusion of fire safety week, the First Graders met with their eighth grade buddies and created a fire dog craft. This also allowed the First Graders time to share their fire safety knowledge.  The interaction with the buddies provided a time to bond within their school community. 

“It’s a wonderful opportunity to see our community at work so close to St. Jude. The fire department is an extension of our school.” Mrs. Davis


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