St. Jude Students Give Back

You know the old joke, April showers bring May flowers, but what do May flowers bring? Pilgrims! Well, May flowers not only bring pilgrims but it brought the 2nd Annual St. Jude Day of Service. St. Jude faculty and students have been so blessed with a wonderful and supportive community. They decided to give something back. On May 1st, St. Jude Elementary held its annual Day of Service. “Our day of service is a day to help people in our community and to thank them for all they do,” second grader, Libby Turner remarked.  

Each grade had a special community group that they paid tribute to. The Kindergartners supported our St. Vincent de Paul. First Graders honored our local veterans with a Walk and refreshments at Veteran’s Park. The Second graders remained on campus and hosted a luncheon for the Green Township Firefighters and Police with the food graciously donated by Mark James. Third Graders visited our neighbors at the St. Joseph Orphanage. Fourth Graders volunteered at the Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank. The Fifth Grade also remained on campus and hosted a Carnival for our friends at Margaret B. Rost School. The Sixth grade volunteered at Gorman Heritage Farms and the Seventh and Eighth Graders worked at Matthew 25 Ministries. Second grader, Maddie Arnold put it well when she said, “We’re a faithful and Catholic school and we want to take a day off from classwork to serve others.”

St. Jude’s motto is “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Even though we can do all things with Christ, it is certainly wonderful that God has blessed us with such a caring and supportive community.

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