Third Grade West Side Students Connect Past to Present Through Community Project

Posted on April 16, 2019 in: General News

Third Grade West Side Students Connect Past to Present Through Community Project

At St. Jude School, located in Green Township on the western side of Cincinnati, the third graders learn about our community and what makes the Cincinnati area so unique and wonderful. Each spring, the students have the opportunity to select a historical site, company, team, or event to write a report about. Some of the topics they report on are Krohn Conservatory and the Butterfly Exhibit, the Suspension Bridge, the flood of 1937, Great American Ballpark, and two west-side favorites, Elder’s Pit and Skyline Chili. These are but a few of the interesting topics they choose.

Along with the report, they make a model of their chosen topic. The models are made from many supplies, including Styrofoam, toothpicks, pipe cleaners, aluminum foil, and even Rice Krispie treats and cake. The models are always a great way to share something they love about our area!

The students bring the completed report and model in before we celebrate Grandparents’ and Grandguest Day. We have lots of great conversations going on that day that start with “I remember when…” and “Did you know…” from both the students and their guests. It becomes a wonderful celebration of our rich history.

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