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Mrs. Lisa O'Brien

As a long time member of the St. Jude community as a parishioner and teacher, I have close to twenty years teaching experience in various roles. After graduating from the University of Cincinnati with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree, I later obtained a Master's degree in Middle School Mathematics and Language Arts from Northern Kentucky University. I've taught all subjects and grades at three different Catholic schools and now specialize in math and language arts. As an Education Specialist, I dedicate particular focus on reaching all learning abilities and styles. I have been a part of Catholic education my whole life and love spending my days helping children. When not teaching, I enjoy reading, cooking, gardening, diy projects, solving mysteries, yoga, walking, and laughing with my husband and kids. My latest (and very challenging) teaching endeavor is training my Labrador Retriever Chloe!


A thorough background check is required for all those employed or volunteering to work with youth or vulnerable adults as a cleric, at a parish or school, as an Archdiocesan employee or at an Archdiocesan institution. All volunteers and employees are required to complete the electronic/online background check through SELECTION.com prior to beginning their volunteer activity or employment. In addition to the electronic/online background check, employees are required to complete manual fingerprinting and submit a B4 form before begin- ning their employment at an Archdiocesan parish, school, or institution.