Faculty and Staff


Mrs Kamala Kurzhals

I feel blessed to work at St. Jude as an educator for past 16 years. I earned my Master’s degree in Education from Xavier and my BS in Journalism from OU, Athens. I love that my career allows me to fulfil my passions for literature, English, and setting our 8th graders up for success in high school and beyond. Each day my goal is to enrich students’ lives and to help keep our Catholic Church alive by bringing young people closer to Jesus.

Following graduation from OU, Athens, with BS Journalism, I worked in that field in Chicago for 5 ½ years. Returning to the Queen City, I covered the Bengals for WMAQ, and covered media and public affairs for the Heimlich Institute. My husband Bob’s PhD work brought us back to Athens for three years, where I ran the Convention & Visitors Bureau, hosted “This Week in Athens,” and taught at Hocking Tech. His internship then took us to Carmel, Indiana, where I began and ran another Convention and Visitors Bureau. We moved back to Cincinnati in 1992 and raised our beautiful daughters Karina, Kassandra, and Courtney.