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Fourth Grade Teacher



Ms Maria Heisel

I'm so happy to join St. Jude School! I have lived in Cincinnati my whole entire life. Most recently, I graduated from Xavier, where I fell in love with teaching and chose to major in Early Childhood Education. Now going into my third school year as a teacher, I know that I excel at creating hands-on learning activities for my students. I think it's so important to bring math and science to life, and can't wait to do that in my middle school role.

Along with my passion for teaching, I also have many other passions and interests. One of the things I am very passionate about is animals. I love being out in nature and love to explore. I also got an amazing opportunity to work at the Cincinnati Zoo for two summers, which has grown my love of animals and teaching science to children. Another love of mine is learning. In my free time, I love to watch documentaries and read anything. I love learning about anything and everything and am always looking for ways to better myself in every way.